Watching clothes fall out that window
Maybe they'll land in my bag
There's another spot on my dirty rag

Some say it's a floating circle
Running rings around my flag
There's no way to clean my dirty rag

Though it may not seem like much
It's in all my dreams

Tell us what it is you're hiding
We'll ask Mr. Splitting Nails
There's a dirty rag inside my pail

It could be a silent sunset
Dressing up like some rotten eggs
Now my pool is stained by dirty rags

Though it may not sound like this
It's coming apart at the seams

Ooh, I through all my eggs in just one basket
You asked for it

Now I've got to get back to it
To my place under the stage
Wipe away the dirt that's on my face

Though I don't want to leave yet
It's still time to go