( Sell it, Sell it )
She just a funky clown
Walkin' around peddlin' goods
It for some charity
Doesn't make much sense to me
How could it

Seems like a mortal crime
Struggling to make a thin dime these days
And everything she ever sold me
Falls apart

She got a fuzzy beard
Man, that's too weird for me to see
Can't even touch my food
Looking at some phony preacher dude lady

She hasn't got it yet
How easily we forget history
And everything her world has told me
Falls apart

She don't care what you think
Sinking in her internet quicksand box
I caught her news today
On CNN, C-Span, and Fox

What is it coming to
Her world's held together by Krazyglue
And every word I hear her scold me
Falls apart